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Colleen Houck -

Book Trailer: Wither - Lauren DeStefano

por Maggie Black, em 11.01.12


Estou cheia de vontade de deitar as minhas mãos a este livro.

Encomendei-o ontem através do site, e mal posso esperar que ele chegue.

Digam lá que este book trailer não é brutal?!




I'm dying to get my hands on this book.
I ordered it yesterday from I can not wait it gets here.

This book trailer it's awesome, don't you think?


Summary from Goodreads:
Obviously, something went terribly wrong. Genetic mutations have festered, reducing human longevity to twenty-five, even less for most women. To prevent extinction, young girls are kidnapped, mated in polygamous marriages with men eager to procreate. Sixteen-year-old Rhine Ellery, a recent victim of this breeding farm mentality, has vowed to break loose from its fetters; but finding allies and a safe way out is a challenge she can only hope she will survive. A dystopian fantasy series starter with wings. Editor's recommendation.
Desejos de Grandes Leituras
Maggie Mae Black
PS - Este livro ainda não foi editado em português, esperemos que esteja para breve.

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